Press Kit

January 2022
Category – Ladies golf-lifestyle apparel

  • “Made for Play” – Look great, feel great, play great
  • “Versatility” – Made for any leisure activity where fashion, fit and moveability come into play
Media Contact – Rich Katz,, 703.283.4852 for information, images, samples
Headquarters – Thousand Oaks, California
Manufacturing – Portugal
Founder & CEO – Lisa O’Hurley
  • Former Golf Channel and GOLFINO executive
  • Lifelong love for golf clothes and impeccable sense of style
  • Starred for four years on Baylor University golf team.
  • Four handicap who plays out of Sherwood C.C. in Thousand Oaks, CA and Mayacama Golf Club in Sonoma, CA.
  • Husband is John O’Hurley (J. Peterman on “Seinfeld,” host of Family Feud and lead in “Chicago” on Broadway)
  • Son is Will O’Hurley, 15
Chief Designer – Paul Rees is based in London and renowned for creating countless Burberry, Aquascutum, GOLFINO men’s and women’s fashion hits
Brand Debut – January 2021
Immediate Reception – On-the-spot orders from more than 200 exclusive golf courses, country clubs and resorts coast to coast
Distinct Style – Colorful, stylish, playful and upmarket European designs with Los Angeles flair – “resort sporty” – that fills white space in the golf-lifestyle ladies apparel market.
  • Tops, pants, skorts and outerwear ensembles claim classy
  • Flattering, envy-of-foursome aesthetics fit for the “sporty,” “clubby” and “resorty”
  • Creating a sub-category of “golfleisure,” a spin to the massive “athleisure” market
  • Sizes XXS to XXL
  • MSRP – $90 to $250
Fit & Comfort
  • Stretchy feel promotes freedom of movement to optimize athletic movement
  • Made from fine-quality fabrics from France, Italy and others sourced worldwide
Customer Profile – The woman who cares about:
  • Fashion and appearance, coveting comfortable, stylish, playful and upscale outfits
  • Confidently transitioning from leisure or sporting activity to work, lunch and dinner
  • Prioritizing fitness and healthy living
Signature Styles – Unique-to-LOHLA-SPORT and previously unheard of include:
  • The Pull-On Golf Fitness Pant – Worn stand-alone (akin to a workout tight) or under skorts in the fall for added warmth and décor, it is purposely thicker and a new way to look at yoga pants, notably the eponymous Lululemon women’s staple.  Its back pockets make them country club appropriate."
  • The “Very Pant” – The four-pocket, full, four-way stretch is offered in several colors.  “The Very Pant” was inspired by the J. Peterman character in the TV hit “Seinfeld,” indicating specificity of the surreal or sublime.  The famous line “The Very Pant I’d been searching for all my life” is part of sitcom lore.
Current Collection (S/S 2022) – Five amazing and colorful capsules: (1) Rodeo Drive & Core; (2) Ocean Avenue; (3) Hollywood Boulevard; (4) Sunset Boulevard; and (5) Melrose Place.
Debut Collection (A/W 2021) – Five amazing and colorful capsules: (1) All Star & Core; (2) True Colors; (3) Watermelon Sugar: (4) Copacabana; and (5) Fields of Gold
Check ’Em Out – Ultra cool, soft-feel silver and gold metallic quilted outerwear vests and jackets
Product and more than 200 pro shops across America

Annika Sorenstam Partnership Core – In January 2022, Annika Sorenstam and LOHLA SPORT established a new partnership that has the golf legend exclusively wearing the brand’s premium ladies’ golf-lifestyle apparel at golf tournaments and events.
Annika’s Swedish Roots – LOHLA SPORT’s impeccable sense of style features colorful, on-trend European designs with Los Angeles flair aligns with Annika’s Swedish upbringing. Flattering cuts for sizes XXS to XXL are made from fine-quality fabrics sourced worldwide which optimize athletic movement. LOHLA SPORT collections include coordinated tops, bottoms, skorts and outerwear.
Annika’s Immediate Gravitation – Annika embodies the company’s “Made for Play” mantra. Aligned with her balanced home-golf-business regimen, LOHLA SPORT’s customer is the woman who intimately cares about fashion and appearance, and covets comfortable, stylish, playful and classy outfits which confidently transition from the course to the office to socializing with friends and family.
Collaboration – Along with LOHLA SPORT Founder and CEO Lisa O’Hurley and London-based Chief Designer Paul Rees, Annika will help create a bespoke signature collection for release in fall 2022. Part proceeds will benefit the ANNIKA Foundation that provides playing opportunities at golf’s junior, collegiate and professional levels while teaching young people the importance of healthy and active lifestyles through fitness and nutrition.
Annika Says – “I have known Lisa for a long time and always admired her taste and passion for women’s fashion.  We reached out to LOHLA SPORT after seeing and hearing about its beautiful clothing in golf and country club circles.
Annika Says – “LOHLA SPORT is exactly what I want with my active lifestyle.  When going from the office to the course, to the kids’ practices and social settings, I don’t have time to change outfits throughout the day.  Now I have the perfect sporty, yet feminine balance that represents today’s lady golfers on and off the course.”
Lisa O’Hurley Says – “LOHLA SPORT will give Annika a new, resort-oriented fashion look.  Annika is an inspiration to every woman who picks up a club. With her wining last year’s U.S. Senior Women’s Open, Annika’s comeback is official yet, like the team that comprises LOHLA SPORT, she covets family time as No. 1.”
About Annika Often regarded as the greatest female golfer of all-time, Annika re-wrote LPGA and Ladies European Tour record books, won countless awards and changed the way women’s golf is played, viewed and covered. Her 90-plus victories worldwide include 72 on the LPGA Tour and 11 major championships. As the only female to break 60 in an official event, Annika is nicknamed “Ms. 59.” Perhaps most notably, she received became the first woman in 58 years to play in a PGA TOUR event at the 2003 Colonial Invitational. Annika stepped away from professional golf after the 2008 season to focus on her family and the ANNIKA brand of businesses. She also created the ANNIKA Foundation that provides golf opportunities at the junior, collegiate and professional levels while teaching young people the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. Annika was elected President of the International Golf Federation that oversees golf in the Olympic Games and is the first female golfer and only the third female in sport to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Unique Excitement
  • In one of the most unique sponsorships in sports marketing history, new, premier ladies golf-lifestyle apparel brand LOHLA SPORT partnered with race car driver Stefan Wilson and Andretti Autosport at the 2021 Indianapolis 500.
  • LOHLA SPORT is excited that the tradition in the making will continue in Indy in 2022.
  • The chic LOHLA SPORT logo is prominently displayed as the title partner of the No. 25 LOHLA SPORT Honda race car.
  • The demographic crossover, per Lisa O’Hurley: “LOHLA SPORT is designed for women who love golf and who are a fan of all sports as our outfits are fit for the course, court, racetrack and everywhere between.”
Storylines Market Fit
  • Refreshing Rebound – Sales of casually chic ladies’ apparel and accessories at physical stores, as well as online, surged massively in 2021 with similar spikes forecast for 2022.  Similarly, the sport of golf realized a huge surge as it was marked “safe,” prompting a horde of new female players to take up the game.   Part and parcel, Lisa O’Hurley, Founder of the new LOHLA SPORT, shares why she strategically chose 2021 to introduce her premium ladies golf-lifestyle collection to the upscale golf, country club and resort market.
  • Market Momentum – The U.S. golf industry reached unprecedented heights in 2020 with significant and 2021 didn’t disappoint.  A 19% YOY rounds growth heads the class.  An 10% rise in total golf participation and 6.4M new players add to the excitement.  LOHLA SPORT is at the forefront of this growth with its new, stylish ladies golf apparel designed for today’s breed of stylish golfers who want to look good, feel good and, therefore, enjoy more self-confidence to play better.  Moreover, the brand’s fit promotes freedom of movement to optimize swings – it is mission accomplished for the company’s “Made for Play” mantra.
  • Psychological Progressiveness – In light of the coronavirus era, escapism is often key to sanity.  Golf relieves sedentary and stir-crazy lives at home by offering socialization, a walk in the park with nature, physical activity, mental acuity, creativity and Vitamin D.  Fashion similarly satisfies this need for freedom and optimism, and the launch of LOHLA SPORT ladies golf apparel fits the bill.  Its playful designs are pure, joyful dressing, providing a sense of fun that’s refreshing and uplifting.  It’s precisely the therapy doctors order for positive perspective and prosperity headed into a pandemic-free world.
  • Patriotism Homage – Perhaps the world’s most sporty is Los Angeles.  In homage to LOHLA SPORT’s hometown, it’s Spring-Summer 2022 collection is named after famous streets.  In today’s world of cultural, economic, social and health restlessness, now is when America needs some Tinseltown spark.  New ladies golf-lifestyle brand LOHLA SPORT is doing its part. Enter its five amazing and colorful capsules: (1) Rodeo Drive & Core; (2) Ocean Avenue; (3) Hollywood Boulevard; (4) Sunset Boulevard; and (5) Melrose Place Think coordinated mixing and matching of tops, bottoms, skorts and outerwear within and between capsules.
  • Dream Team – Formal collaboration between LOHLA SPORT Founder and recognized fashionista Lisa O’Hurley with London-based Paul Rees – renowned architect of countless Burberry, Aquascutum and GOLFINO hits – is ushering in a first in golf.  Together, their on-trend European designs with Los Angeles flair are yielding on-the-spot orders from Admiral’s Cove, L.A. Country Club, Monterey Peninsula CC, The Vintage, Desert Mountain, Polo Club and roughly 200 other exclusive golf shops coast to coast.  These merchandisers reveal why they are attracted to LOHLA SPORT’S attractiveness. 
  • Profiling Proliferation – Pro shop buyers are known to lament ladies golf apparel brands which miss the mark and celebrate those which nail it.  The upstart LOHLA SPORT squarely fits in the latter grouping.  Even in its relatively soft-launch stage, it’s receiving rave reviews.  After all, company Founder Lisa O’Hurley conducted requisite discovery work to eliminate guesswork.  The broad result:  LOHLA SPORT’s customer is the woman who cares about fashion and appearance; covets comfortable, stylish, upscale outfits with the ability to go from leisure or sporting activity to work, lunch and dinner; and prioritizes fitness and healthy living.  The practical result: tops, bottoms, skorts and outerwear ensembles emit classy, upscale, envy-of-foursome aesthetics and are made of fine-quality fabrics sourced worldwide.
  • Golf’s Paradigm – Clearly recognizable points of distinction in ladies golf apparel are key to success and this is where new entrant, LOHLA SPORT, shines with focus on femininity and feeling special in luxe clothes.  With bold, classy and sporty designs, colors and overall visual appeal, the new ladies’ golf-sporting collections are redefining conventional standards of beauty.  Validated by a rapid pace of golf shop and e-commerce re-orders, women are embracing their youthful-feeling, statement-making looks through the LOHLA SPORT’s 2022 S/S’s amazing and colorful capsules: (1) Rodeo Drive & Core; (2) Ocean Avenue; (3) Hollywood Boulevard; (4) Sunset Boulevard; and (5) Melrose Place  Here’s a photo essay of the most popular styles to get you shopping right now. 
  • Clubhouse Leaders – LOHLA SPORT Founder Lisa O’Hurley subscribes to the notion that if you want something new, stop doing the old.  That’s birthed unique-to-LOHLA SPORT signatures previously unheard of.  They include The Pull-On Golf Fitness Pant worn stand-alone (think workout tight) or under skorts in the fall for added warmth and décor, it’s purposely thicker with back pockets for country-club appropriateness and is a new way to look at yoga pants; and (2) The “Very Pant,” a four-pocket, full, four-way stretch offered in several colors.  The Very Pant is inspired by the J. Peterman character (played by Lisa’s husband, John O’Hurley) in the TV hit “Seinfeld,” indicating specificity of the surreal or sublime.  “The Very Pant I’d been searching for all my life” is part of sit-com lore.
  • Trend Spotting – While LOHLA SPORT prides itself on paving new golf-lifestyle clothing paths, it also pays attention to what is hot in the market.  Metallic pieces are intended to draw attention to those who want to shine like diamonds.  The LOHLA SPORT design tandem of Lisa O’Hurley and Paul Rees factor in voguish gold and silver outerwear vests and jackets for layering and managing cooler days on the links.  In ways which underscore individualism and sophistication, these are far from overwhelming disco- and rock and roll-inspired pieces.
  Inside Scoop
  • Visionary Vigor – The early, universal adoption of LOHLA SPORT’s ladies’ golf wear has Founder Lisa O’Hurley and her team thinking big.  That’s the hallmark of leadership and why legions of raving LOHLA SPORT fans have pushed the company to map future lifestyle plans for LOHLA SPORT into girls, pets, men, yogis and even home accessories and furnishings categories– a la Kate Spade, Tori Burch and Ralph Lauren.  In this Q&A with O’Hurley, she describes fashion aesthetics, details and ensembles which resonate with today’s woman and widely separate the LOHLA SPORT brand from the pack. 
  • Did You Know? – When not digging deep into her lifelong passion for golf clothes and LOHLA SPORT, company Founder Lisa O’Hurley enjoys time with son Will and husband John O’Hurley.  You may recognize him from playing the fictional J. Peterman on “Seinfeld,” hosting Family Feud and starring in “Chicago” on Broadway).  A longtime golf executive with Golf Channel (alongside personal influencer Arnold Palmer) and GOLFINO, Lisa is often forever testing her golf-fashion creations on the links.  She sports a four handicap and plays out of Sherwood C.C. in Thousand Oaks, CA and Mayacama Golf Club in Sonoma, CA.  Lisa is a fanatical Baylor University sports fan and played on its golf team.
  • Out of the Ordinary – In one of sports marketing’s most unique sponsorships, new and premium ladies’ golf apparel brand LOHLA SPORT was exclusively displayed across the entire Formula One car No. 25 at the 105th running of the Indy 500 on Memorial Day weekend 2021.  A return engagement for LOHLA SPORT in Indy is set for 2022.  The driver is 31-year-old Stefan Wilson, a McLaren Autosport BRDC Award recipient, 10-time winner and member of the Andretti Autosport team.  This cool, market-broadening road to Indy for LOHLA SPORT doesn’t happen every day.  How did it materialize?  Furthermore, what’s the celebrity and fan crossover between golf and racecars (hint: just ask Jeff Gordon and Rickie Fowler)?
  • Thought Leader – As an authority in the golf industry and, specifically, its fashion space, LOHLA SPROT Founder Lisa O’Hurley imparts her top 10 current and future trends in women’s golf.  While some may align with common thinking, most are steps ahead of where today’s state of the market.  Taking a page from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, O’Hurley follows his “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”  That is the bedrock of LOHLA SPORT’s essence and one reason it’s poised for a uber-sustainable future.